Skiing in the Daemyung Resort

This saturday i got the chance to join Joohyun Cho and one of his friends to the ski resort Daemyung.

It was very interesting to see how much effort the resort is build. Compared with the Alps there is almost no natural snow available, even my home the swabian Alb have much more snow. So they have to remove all the stones on the pist and make a smooth surface to get a good piste with a lot of artifical snow. The Size of the hole resort is comparable with Jungholz in Germany, but with the double quality and count of skilifts.

There was a rental includet in the liftticket but the quality of equipment was worst i have ever seen. My boots locket like theyr from the 60s and the skis was so light and flexible that even the kid skis we used for the waterski would be better. But for half day fun it was, except for some way to easy boot ejects, sufficient.

So i got a really nice experience with really great accompaniment.


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