Seoraksan 15h Hike

Bus started at 23:30 in Seoul, 3:00 we arrived at the bottom of Seoraksan Mountain. Seoraksan Mountain is very famous for his beatiful tree colors in the fall. For our suprise it was horrible crouded specialy from 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning we walked with less than 2 km/h based on the traffic jam.

The first goal was to see the epic sunrise from the top of the Mountain. Unfortunately the top was enfolded by a lot of clouds so we were just able to see the sun for a few seconds. After the top the weather was getting better and we had some really interesting views with colorfull trees, interesting cloud structures and amazing rock formations.

Finaly we arrived around 18:00, after 20 Km with a lot of height-meters, at the bus. My muscles hurts as hell but I had an awesome trip and met some new friends.