Iceclimbing/Camping Trip

These days i was very lucky because experienced members and the master of my climbing center approved me to join their long time planed iceclimbing trip.

We started on saturday and drove to a big lake in the north of Korea. Beside the lake was a artificial ice waterfall which is maintained by a union of iceclimbers.
We met a lot of other ice climbers and it was a very enjoyable evening, with great company and tasty food, in the cold tent.
The night was with -16 °C very cold and even in the thick daune sleepingbag, i borrowed from the master, was not very warm.
The next day we packed all the equipment and crossed the frozen lake to the waterfall.
I never practized iceclimbing before and it was absolutly amazing experience to try, one of the most dangerous climbing sports, beside such experienced climbers on a 15 meter high icewall.
After the cold night was a very adrenalin powerd day and at the second try i managed to climb the 15 meters without a break.


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