Ice Skating Gwacheon

One of my costudents Dukki told me about the icerink in Gwacheon. So today Barbera and me visited that place and had some very funny hours on the ice.

Slowely i get the feeling that almost all borrow equipment in Korea is crap becouse the iceskates they gave us were really crap like the ski equipment yesterday.Also i recognize more and more the huge sport skill gap between Koreans, the most of them have just the really noob or almost no skills. At the other hands the rest have awesome high almost professional abilities and performed some really crazy things in the middle of the icehall. I totally miss the people between that extremes, or maybe i just didnt found yet.


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  1. Die Bilder sind leider von schlechter Qually!
    Schön, dass ihr so viel Spass hattet!
    Gruss Susanne

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