Dubai and Desert Safari with Jordan

I Traveld with the Bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai thats about 150km Distance and it Costs just 25 Dirham (5€). I would highly recomend to travel trough the UAE by Bus becouse they are clean cold and not that slow, taxi is cheap here but bus is like buying a Bubble Gum.

In Dubai i met Jordan from Canada, we booked a Desert Dafari and started the Action. I Think there is not much to say about the Desert Trip, just book the cheapest (~125 Dirhams) because they are all the same trips. Oh and if don’t wanna lock like a Stupid Tourist who believes everything: Don’t try the Sand boarding its crap so it doesn’t work! But you have to make the Safari its defensively worth the money!

Just some hints for Dubai: you need your passport to check in an Hotel even just for going to a room of a friend, use the Train its really good and cheap environment. If you have any Problems in Dubai just call: 8009090


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