DMZ Camp Greves

At the 14. and 15. december the governor of Gyeonggi-do invited around 90 foreigner students to camp greves.
At this time non of us known that ist going to be the opening event of the camp. So the most time of the first day is more advertising with us foreigners for theyr political goals than interesting experiance for us.
I felt very angry about the rassist and impolite acting. To center all Western locking people behind the political actors, and than speak for hours in korean so nobody of us understood anything.

Beside that very impolite acting of the organisators it was a very nice trip. I met so many interresting people from all over the world and we had a great time together.
Even the advertising parts had some funny moments, becouse everyting was absolut poorly organized nobody of the staff had any ideas what to do. I would really shame of if something like that would happen in my country.

As a short example: the hole Camp was in the DMZ so the area is totaly locked up and the staff had to take care about nobody gets lost. In the night from 14. to 15. the staff searched the hole night for 2 people who get lost. In the end they just count wrong at the first day. So the 2 missing guys never came to the event ;-).

Short Description whats on the Pictures:
– All Military things are checkpoints inside or at the Border of the DMZ.
– Landscape Pictures are made from the observation deck and show parts of North Korea.
– the pictures with people in suits are from the ceremony, if you see this guys on the street please dont greet them 😀 i really dont like theyr acting about foreigners

By the way here is a 360 degree panorama of the very luxery camp rooms:

[iframe height=“500″ src=““]


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