Bike Trip to a Westcoast Island

Over the lunar new year my mentor and me decidet to make a biketrip to the islands in the south-west of Ansan. We started very early in the morning with our two crappy city bikes (thx to my pakistan friend Mohamed for borrow me the bike) . The first 20 km was trough the industrial complex at the coast of Ansan, i felt much safer riding a bike in such a crowded area than i thought even it was fucking cold. After that we had a short breakfast and started to crossed the gigantic dam (~20km). On our way we found a small Island just connected with a sandbank, so we decidet to explore it. Maybe a bit to long so when we tried to go back to our bikes, there was no sandbank anymore. Fortunately the water was not too high at this time so we were able to cross the 50 meter reallly cold sea water barfood. We got a bit wet so we decidet to eat some local austers and head from now on directly to our overnight base in the next sauna, but on the way to that one of our bikes got a flat tire. So there we are, 50km away from the university with a flat tire, without any bike repair equipment. We were both very tired so we just locked the bikes beside the way and hitchhiked to the sauna.

At the next rainy morning we took the bus to our bikes and started to ask the bus drivers if they could let us take our bikes with us. But non of them agreed, (even with really empty buses) while asking them we met a farmer infront of his house. The funny thing is that he known our university from a social project for helping the people on the landside. Becouse of that he decidet to help us and drove us and our bikes in his truck the hole way to Ansan (~2h one way). That was so amazing how many luck we had on that trip, a very good experience!



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